MEMPHIS – In what was otherwise an unremarkable game between the Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies, something extraordinary happened at the FedEx Forum last night. Midway through the 2nd quarter, Marcin Gortat grabbed his fourth defensive rebound of the game. He threw an outlet pass to Suns’ point guard Goran Dragic and began jogging up the court when suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks.

At first, it seemed as though Gortat had noticed his shoe was untied. But instead of bending down, he continued staring off into apparent nothingness as he slowly reached out his hand. Normally a player lagging in the backcourt isn’t enough to shift fans’ eyes away from the action in the front court. But when a giant, bald man appears to be having a complex partial seizure forty feet from the basketball, it’s safe to say he quickly grabs the attention of everyone in attendance.
As a hushed and worried silence fell over the crowd, play came to a halt. The four Suns and five Grizzlies on the court turned and stared back Gortat. At that moment, the object of his unflinching stare flapped into view.

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